Land Leasing

When it comes to leasing land, it pays to get professional advice at every stage of the process. At Morice we've negotiated, set up and managed hundreds of land leasing scenarios from orchards, forests to large sheep and cattle farms.

We can manage initial consultations with the landowner and potential tenants, the running of the tender process for new leases, the negotiation and formation of contracts, and the ongoing management and review of rental values. We also offer services to assist with mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution.

At Morice we set up agreed works for the forthcoming year, manage capital expenditure, help ensure tenants are complying with lease terms and conditions, all the while making sure we have strong record keeping.

We act for a number of leading forestry companies who are the Licensees/Lessee's of Crown Forestry and private land throughout New Zealand. This involves rental valuations of large tracts of forest land, and adjustments to reflect varying terms and conditions.

When there's a disagreement between parties involved in farm and / or forestry ownership, management or any other working arrangement, Morice is available to mediate, arbitrate, and provide expert determination in a dispute resolution role with the goal of finding a way forward. 

With more than four decades' experience providing valuations, advisory and consultancy for thousands of farm and forestry clients, we are regularly called upon to offer our expert opinion when it comes to the rental and leasing of properties.

Getting all the paperwork in order and making sure lease contracts are watertight requires a professional eye for detail. At Morice we've put together hundreds of lease agreements that work as win-wins for all parties involved.

At Morice we have the required analytical skills and knowledge of the primary sector, as well as a comprehensive database of rental transactions to assess market rentals for all primary sector land.

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