Specialist Services

Alongside our main offerings, Morice also provides a range of ancillary services that complement our core services in the rural property sector.

Morice is committed to assisting our clients with their needs, and provide the following services in addition to our core roles.

With access to a sophisticated database of over 1400 forestry plots, inventory measuring equipment and growth modelling software, Morice can accurately provide a cash flow analysis for the future income of a farm or forest. Our tools and know-how allow us to quantify all relevant parameters, including set up costs, ongoing maintenance, farm or forest inputs, and eventual yields.

At Morice we're equipped to provide property supervision and administration for both resident and absentee owners.

The Morice team can analyse a farm’s emissions based on a number of factors. We can also undertake an assessment of a farm’s carbon profile, which outlines the amount of carbon currently being sequestered, by which trees, and when liabilities are likely to arise. Recommendations can also be given to enhance this carbon sequestration profile through additional afforestation.

We provide mapping services and can source aerial photography and geospatial data to create comprehensive detailed maps of your property.  This includes identifying features and hazards on your property for Health and Safety compliance and assisting in day-to-day planning.

We can provide tailored market research of all primary sectors to assist with decision-making. 

In the event of legal action, the Morice team have the experience to provide robust services including the preparation of necessary documentation along with the ability to act as an expert witness.

Morice advises clients on the appropriate diversification of their property portfolio, ensuring that risks are measured and minimised.

The rural sector is the backbone of the New Zealand economy. We provide economic advice using a range of well-proven methodologies, mainly focusing on rural land and forestry.

Morice has acted for a number of Iwi to determine the market value of land for redress. This includes the assessment of the licensor’s interest where Crown Forestry Land has been identified to return to Māori. This is a specialised area where we have developed sophisticated cash flow modelling to assist in the valuation of the land. 

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