Forestry Services

With sophisticated inventory measuring equipment and growth modelling software, we provide land and woodlot analysis, valuation advice and recoverable volume forecasts for forests throughout the country.

Before a forestry investment is made we assist our clients with due diligence to fully assess the investment and all its risks and benefits, before analysing the feasibility of the property and its trees over the short, medium and long-term.

We consult on all aspects of forestry regardless of size or the age and stage of the forest or woodlot. Our role is to ensure our clients get the best possible service, a stress-free process, and an end-result that creates maximum returns.

We act for a number of leading forestry companies who are the licensees of Crown Forestry land throughout New Zealand. This involves rental valuations of large tracts of forest land, with consideration being given to any specific terms and conditions of the license.

Morice has a comprehensive database of forestry land rental transactions that have occurred throughout New Zealand.  This coupled with our broad knowledge in forestry, allows us to accurately determine land rental fees based on up-to-date information.

Good management of forests and woodlots can have a significant impact on financial returns. Morice will work with you to design the most practical and efficient management plan that suits your land and trees including when, where and what to plant. We can conduct on-site visits, prepare analysis and reports, and make recommendations.

We use GIS mapping software to create accurate forest maps for our clients.

Morice understands forestry rights and we're actively involved in advising on forestry right terms and assisting clients on their requirements.  We also undertake considerable work in forestry rights disputes.

Morice can assist with direct landowner grants from the One Billion Trees Fund and regional councils. We have the necessary knowledge to make MPI applications and assist the landowner.

Our inventory measuring tools and growth modelling software allow us to provide an accurate harvest return analysis for your forest or woodlot so you can enjoy maximum returns. 

We can undertake research with regards to local government environmental rules and conditions that may impact on your forestry project. We can also monitor ongoing consent conditions, communicate and negotiate with relevant stakeholders and advise on legal representation if required.

If you're considering purchasing or selling a forest, accurate information is key. Central to a decision is the value of the land or trees, what the ongoing costs are and what the forecast harvest yield will be. We assist purchasers in due diligence or assist vendors in preparing property information memorandums and sale process.

Income from the sale of land with standing commercial treecrops is treated as assessable income. When sold in conjunction with land or other assets, it is advisable to get the treecrop valued separately at the time of sale to determine the apportionment of value

Morice provides forestry land valuations for many purposes including sale and purchase, disclosure statements, asset management, reporting to shareholders, and matrimonial settlements

Separate to the valuation of forestry land, valuing tree crops involves putting a value on the trees growing on the land. We have an in-depth understanding of the analysis required and provide a one-stop-shop for valuing your tree crop

With inventory measuring equipment and growth modelling software, we can create wood-flow modelling to describe current forest conditions, allowable cut calculations and to assist with the preparation of harvesting schedules. 

When it comes to planning your forest, regime analysis is critical to ensure you maximise your returns. We can provide forecast cash flows and put together a regime plan to maximise investment returns.

Proper management of tree crops, from small woodlots on farms to large-scale forests, can have a significant impact on financial returns. Morice works with tree crop clients to carry out feasibility studies before embarking on the planning and management of land preparation, planting, maintenance and the eventual harvest and yield return.

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